Lydia Karagiannaki's contribution to RE-TURN draws attention to the ephemerality of architecture and the city's image. Appearing solid and eternal, buildings and infrastructures are tightly connected to the socio-economic and political circumstances of their time, and so it is time that renders all architectures obsolete. Once they lose the cause they originally represented, buildings are being either abandoned, deconstructed or repurposed. Karagiannaki's video installation contemplates the passage of time, traceable on the surfaces of existing buildings. Following the transformation of Berlin's city scape, processes of construction and deconstruction, the work manifests the ephemeral and fragile quality of architecture, illustrates the finiteness of the lived present and opens the view for alternative futures and pasts.

Lydia Karagiannakis

Lydia Karagiannaki is a trained architect and works at the intersection of architecture, urban research and art. After studying in Berlin and Brussels, she co-curated the project Rethink Aleppo (Amsterdam), initiated the neighborhood project Publieke_Salon_Public (Brussels) and developed various projects with the collective ConstructLab. In 2017-2018 she was curator-in-resident at ZK/U in Berlin (as part of the EU project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum). Lydia Karagiannaki lives and works in Berlin.