Let us remember that these windows open to the west

Salwa Aleryani's work explores the transience of urban landscapes. As part of RE-TURN, the artist builds two open solar ovens in which she places a series of cast wax objects during the summer months, which will then slowly melt in the heat. The shapes of the objects are taken from architectural and natural elements found in the immediate surroundings of the sculpture park. With the slow collapse of form due to the heat of the sun, Aleryani invites us to look at the environment in which we live in a new light.

*This project also received additional support from Culture Resource's Production Awards.

Salwa Aleryani

Salwa Aleryani is an artist working primarily with sculpture and installation. Through a constellation of found and made objects, her work engages with sites and infrastructures, and notions of hope and promise in building and rebuilding. Her work has been shown at MMAG, Amman; Savvy Contemporary, Berlin; Werkleitz Festival, Halle; and Jogja Biennale XII, Yogyakarta; among others. Salwa Aleryani lives and works in Berlin.