Lecture: New Zuhd/Minimal Punk: Anarchism, Barbarism, Islamic Chaos & Kurt Cobain

Saud Al-Zaid is an author, scholar, and active advocate of radical thought. In his lecture for the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, he takes up the question of anarchic structures in our society. The New Zuhd/Minimal Punk: Anarchism, Barbarism, Islamic Chaos, and Kurt Cobain will be accompanied in real time by images and videos.

Saud Al-Zaid

Saud Al-Zaid is a father, teacher, speaker and writer—in that order. A longtime skeptic of short form biographical writing, he holds one doctorate, two masters, and two bachelors in Islamic Studies, the Anthropology & Sociology of Religion, Arab Studies, Economics, and Comparative Literature. In addition to his focus on radical Islamic thought and Islamic aesthetics, he explores topics such as racism, intersectionality, and Black Islam. Al-Zaid lives and works in Berlin, teaches at the University of the Arts, and has given public lectures at Haus der Kunst, Re:publica, the Berlin Biennale, the Chaos Computer Club Congress, and the Computerspielemuseum, among others.