Lydia Karagiannaki's contribution to Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is a contemplation on the transience of architecture as matter and symbol. Seemingly solid and timeless, buildings and infrastructures are closely linked to the socio-economic and political circumstances of their time. Structures will either be abandoned, repurposed, or deconstructed once their original purpose is fulfilled or obsolete. Karagiannaki's essay film looks at the archaeology of this symbolism and the layers of time which can be found on the surfaces of existing buildings. The work follows the transformation of Berlin's cityscape, cycles of construction and deconstruction processes, and of material extraction and wear. By displaying the ephemeral side of architecture, Karagiannaki draws attention to the finiteness of lived presence juxtaposing it with the fragility of one's own physicality.

14. November 2021


Film Screening

with Lydia Karagiannaki, live performance with Bitsy Knox and Marco Schröder / item

Lydia Karagiannaki

Lydia Karagiannaki is a trained architect and works at the intersection of architecture, urban research and art. After studying in Berlin and Brussels, she co-curated the project Rethink Aleppo (Amsterdam), initiated the neighborhood project Publieke_Salon_Public (Brussels) and developed various projects with the collective ConstructLab. In 2017-2018 she was curator-in-resident at ZK/U in Berlin (as part of the EU project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum). Lydia Karagiannaki lives and works in Berlin.