Matthias Einhoff – Celebration

Landreform exhibition series, November 2008 - March 2009

Celebration, a public ceremony orchestrated by Matthias Einhoff, was dedicated to Berlin’s marginalized clubs and community groups. 

Einhoff personally invited various organizations including a garden community, dog association, BMX club, artists collective, and a group of urban farmers. Each was asked to design a flag, pick a song, and provide an image emblematic of their respective group. One-by-one, the flags were hoisted as a trumpeter played the club’s song. The fanfare unfolded, captured on cameras and enhanced by a high-powered wind-machine directed at the flags. Swept up in choreographies resembling an Olympic ceremony or Moon landing, the associations’ alternative activities stood in absurd contrast to the interests of mainstream media and concerns of urban developers. Celebration, situated on the Stallschreiberblock, the state-owned collection of lots, recognized the clubs’ need and creative use of open and vacant space. For the duration of the exhibition, Celebration created a temporary space dedicated to their activities.

Participating Associations:
AG Kleinstlandwirtschaft und Gärten in Stadt und Land
Daks  - Dachverband Berliner Kinder- und Schülerläden (
Fukuoka Demofeld
Garten der Poesie
Hund und Mensch im Stallschreibergrün
Ideenaufruf (
Mellowpark (
Rosa Rose  (
Unwetter (
Wriezener Freiraumlabor (