Workshop Neighborhood Value Creation Workshop (Circles)

The two-day workshop with economic anthropologist Julio Linares introduces participants to the cryptocurrency Circles UBI, to then creatively re-imagine exchange and value systems anew, weaving a community together with local residents. The Circles currency system is based on the principle of an unconditional basic income, with each member receiving 240 CRC units per month. Circles is based on trust. The design of Circles is made to avoid speculation and encourage circulation in order to revitalize regional economies and democratise money. Circles is not a digital asset but a series of IOUs, thus undermining the principle of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which is known because of financial speculation.

21. August 2021


Workshop Neighborhood Value Creation Workshop (Circles)

with Julio Linares

Julio Linares

Julio Linares is an economic anthropologist and activist from Guatemala, currently exploring the relationship between Universal Basic Income, Money and Direct Democracy. He lives and works  in Berlin.