IMITATION OF LIFE : remake berlin

Lukas Matthaei likewise cooperates with residents of the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum. For IMITATION OF LIFE : remake berlin, the artist casts local residents in a staged shoot of a scene from Douglas Sirk’s 1959 film of the same name. This, the final melodrama shot by the German émigré in Hollywood, handles family relationships and opportunities for upward mobility as outcomes of social conditions. Rainer Werner Fassbinder called it “A great, insane film about life and death!” Residents play the roles of characters in the film and the film crew. Thus, the remake is able to switch back and forth between these different positions on the set: the staged making-of is the actual screenplay. The resulting film will be screened at a public event in November, with the participants in attendance.

Lukas Matthaei

Lukas Matthaei developed multidisciplinary interventions and performances with various artists in independent art venues and public spaces in Berlin in the 1990s. He founded the label matthaei & konsorten, under which more than fifty works of diverse orientations have been created since 2000: from stagings for the stage to installations and discourse productions to the development of new formats for urban landscapes. Lukas Matthaei lives and works in Berlin.