Doris Dziersk’s AIRNSHARE brings together the residents of the new development quarter and those who live in the neighboring older buildings. In a performative act, the participants inflate a sculpture that is 20,7 cubic meters in volume. This corresponds to the official minimum living space required for one person. The joint physical exertion in a real place marks a striking contrast to the disembodied and often anonymized encounters of digital space. Furthermore, Dziersk takes this mix of the air that we breathe to be an alternative symbol for a shared economy. For her, the action is not least a means to reflect together on local neighborhood life. Do people know each other? What is shared, and on what basis? What is missing?

Doris Dziersk

Doris Dziersk is a scenographer and visual artist. In addition to stage designs, she develops spatial concepts, e.g. for "The New Infinity" (Berliner Festspiele) and the Dance Congress 2019. In her installations, she explores themes such as home, community, and the production and dissemination of knowledge. Doris Dziersk was awarded a Hamburg Rolf Mares Prize in 2009 and a Bessie Award in 2012 for her installation for BLESSED. Doris Dziersk lives and works in Leipzig.