Auf der Suche nach einem guten Hotel

With his work In Search of a Good Hotel, Kai Schiemenz invokes a literal meaning of the word sculpture: a work of art created by removing, cutting away, or hollowing out solid material. Declaring Berlin soil to be his working material of choice, Schiemenz digs a hole. This serves as negative mold for his cast concrete sculptures. Thus, the resulting sculptural forms are co-determined by the nature of the soil. This loss of control is an inherent part of the project. Schiemenz compares his work to an archaeological excavation. The excavated “finds” are installed in the newly created neighborhood. They give passers-by pause for reflection on the relevance of soil as a limited social resource, and open up a factual view of the geological and historical strata beneath the new buildings.

26. September 2021

16:30 - 18:00

Return of the Pumpkin

with Kai Schiemenz

Kai Schiemenz

Kai Schiemenz deals in his work with the city, space and architecture and their regulating function for coexistence. In recent works, sculptures are created in a variety of materials, such as glass, ceramics, bronze. These sculptures derive from architectural models and refer to space. Kai Schiemenz was part of the Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum in 2008 with the work The Empty Dwelling, the Vain Tower and the Mad Colonist. Kai Schiemenz lives and works in Berlin.