Philip Horst – Whisper

Landreform exhibition series, November 2008 - March 2009

Philip Horst collected various stories, advertisements and quotes related to the land of Skulpturenpark from local residents, neighborhood interest groups, municipal authorities, investors and realtors, former Kreuzberg squatters and Skulpturenpark itself. This collection is broadcasted through speakers installed around the park. Despite countless plans for investment and renewal, the only significant changes to the site, since then, have been those brought upon by natural processes and pedestrian use (i.e. plant growth, trees, paths, BBQ pits, and so on). In Whisper, the juxtaposition of quotes and various perspectives dramatizes the politicization of this wasteland, the disconnect between local residents and investor fancy, the idealism of urban development, along with poetic testaments of neighborhood and the romanticization of the place. People are invited to contribute their own story by calling: +49 30 60980443. The messages will be added to the broadcast periodically throughout the exhibition.