Markus Lohmann & Michael Böhler – Skyline

Bestandaufnahme exhibition series, November, 2006

A camp ground modelled after international architecture.

In November 2006, a temporary tent colony was placed on the North block of the Skulpturenpark. 
The tents were modelled after the tops of famous international skyscrapers: true to scale, they stood 1-6 meters tall and appeared to grow out of the ground. Typical tent-features like zippered entrances, windows, roofs, and dirt protection were proportional to the forms, and consequently, suggested a usable camping site. The installation presented an ironic view of urban development in an existing and growing mega city such as Berlin. It refers to Berlin's current state as a city pressured to compete with global cities such as Paris, London, or New York. On one hand, the profile of Berlin’s development must meet standards of international urban architecture, while on the other hand, these details are often overlooked or ignored by more short-term economic and investment goals. This conflict raises the question to whom is or should be allowed in urban and local planning. Lohmann's & Böhlder's tent colony on Skulpturenpark, a public space, appears to be a dubious temporary occupation. It stirs public fear of parasitic settlements and disturbs ideas of local beautification and plans of modernization. As a bizarre hybid of camping and skyscrapers, this installation is left to its own helpless existence.